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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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Anyone here using Peptides?  

9/29/2023 11:20
Posted By:  - GOODYEAR, AZ  

Date Posted: 9/29/2023 11:20
<p align="left">CJC-1295/Ipamoralin blend: I love CJC. I&#39ve done it without the Ipamoralin and noticed no or severely decreased joint pain, and big increase in how much I lift. It takes about a week or two &#040;more on the two side) to kick in.&nbsp; Also decreases recovery time. This&nbsp; The wife is allergic to it, she gets super flush. Looks like a walking tomatoe! lol <br><br><br>Kisspeptin-10: Being on TRT I like this one the best so far. It increases testicle size, not quite as much as original size &#040;I&#39d say 50% of original) but the extra side affects are worth it. From what I&#39ve read it affects FSH/LH levels which help with libido and erections. It worked great for me! :) I&#39ve tried Gonadorelin, it was ok, it increased the amount of my ejaculation by a lot, but testicle was probably 25% of what it was. I re-ordered HCG to see how it compares. I recall it maintained testicle size 100%, the only thing I didn&#39t like is it increased my estrogen levels. The other do also, but it seemed HCG really cranked it up.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br><br><br>BPC-157/TB-500: Best healing peptides I&#39ve used. I tried them after a surgery earlier this year and the Dr. was astonished how fast and well it healed. I also busted my finger bowling &#040;don&#39t ask hehe), it hurt for two months, I kept working out so it wouldn&#39t fully heal. Started this up again and within a few weeks the pain is almost gone. This also decreases workout recovery time.<br><br>The wife has a library of peptides she takes, I&#39ll have to ask her what she likes.<br><br>Be sure to cycle off. note: Dr. told me &#39moralin&#39 peptides don&#39t need to be cycled, I do it anyway because I&#39m paranoid :D<br><br>There&#39s a couple good books on Amazon, I just read Peptide Protocols by Dr. Seeds. It&#39s pretty good, it has all the major peptides to get you started.<br><br></p>

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