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Sperm donor  

5/6/2023 10:59
Posted By:  - MIAMI, FL  

Date Posted: 5/6/2023 10:59
<p>Years ago, with the ex, went a few times to a club in southwestern Ohio, in the area to go to the Indy 500.&nbsp; Met a couple, I remember he was a fireman, she was a cheerleader for the Bengals.&nbsp;</p><p>Fun very sexy couple.Met them at least a dozen time on other trips to the area. The ex always enjoyed pretending to be on fire and have him put out the fire. One trip they asked to meet us before the club for drinks. At that time, they told us that he was shooting blanks, they wanted to have a child, but they wanted to have some "control" over the genes, looks, coloring, etc.</p><p>Then he popped the question, they wanted me to impregnate the Mrs, the time of the month was good, so how about it?&nbsp; The next 5 seconds felt like an hour as I was speechless.&nbsp; Part of me, a large part of me, immediately became excited. My ex thought it a great idea. But then there was a part of me hearing alarm bells.&nbsp; So I asked if I could have until the next day to think about this.&nbsp; I do remember thinking that at least they asked, and somehow it would be an accident that I may never hear about.&nbsp; At least that was what I hoped as we .</p><p>That night was the best sex I&#39ve ever had with this lovely lady. The ex said the same about her evening, they stayed the night with us in our hotel.&nbsp; By morning, reality set it. Could I know there was a child I fathered that because of distance and and an agreement, I would never ever meet?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>We all went to breakfast, there I told them I did not think I could do this, and I explained why. They seemed OK with my decision.&nbsp; But, I thought it will always be one of those questions in my mind.</p><p>When we were back in the area about two months later, we met this couple at the club, I asked about her getting pregnant, she said no luck yet finding the right donor.&nbsp; While dancing she told me I got lucky, I asked what she meant, she said she had been off birth control for nearly one month before our last tryst. She was sure I would have gone along with their request.&nbsp; I actually could not come up with a response. Just wow.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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