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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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Breast Implant Illness  

4/8/2023 12:25
Posted By:  - VAN, TX  

Date Posted: 4/8/2023 12:25
<p>I have counseled many women (as a former TCM/acupuncturist/detox specialist) with breast implant illness prior to and after explant surgery. I myself once had implants for about a year until I explanted. I provided certain detox protocols to cleanse the body of the over 100 chemicals laden in implants. My own mother who was a Playboy model/nude model back in the&nbsp; day had severe implant illness and was awarded a Dow Corning settlement as a result of systemic silicone toxicity.</p><p>I had cohesive gel implants, even those with regular saline implants are not exempt from breast implant illness/mold over time. There are other ways to go about replacing upper pole volume (for myself, I breastfed 6 children long term and have deflated breasts) namely stem cell fat transfer(I&nbsp; am scheduled for this).&nbsp; In any event many women suffer from autoimmune and other disorders as a result of implants. I have auto immune which I manage with a pretty strict lifestyle ( I am cautious about what goes into and on my body).</p>

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