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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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breast reduction  

12/27/2021 15:43
Posted By:  - GURNEE, IL  

Date Posted: 12/27/2021 15:43

Mrs. had a reduction with internal lift and liposuction of lateral axilla coming up on 5 years ago.  I would consistently have to come up with different ways to tie her bikini top or else she would end the day on the water with an indentation in her neck and numbness down her arms.  Her bra straps would dig deeply into her shoulders over the course of the day.  Back pain was also a constant in her life.  We went into the consultation and had a great discussion with the Doctor.  I should preface the insurance side with we do have a HMO and she spoke with her primary OB/GYN and obtained the referral prior to the consultation which also required a mammogram.  After the consultation, insurance did approve the entire surgery.  Surgery went well however as stated this is major surgery and did take a couple months for recovery and her "zingers" at times were intense.  She did try to avoid pain meds which in her case was a mistake.  Although the surgery pain was not intolerable, maintaining a therapeutic dose for a couple days instead of going on a roller coaster between no pain and pushing the limits of pain was a poor decision. She did determine the lipo pain was much worse in the long run than the actual surgery sites.  


Negatives - Pre-op her breasts were very sensitive and her nipples were a source of much enjoyment for both of us.  Unfortunately she lost most feeling in her breasts for a few years.  She would feel pressure and temperature differentials but would seldom get a high level of enjoyment as pre-surgery.  Surgery scars go without saying, again time (and a good surgeon heals all)  They never bothered me at all.  Over the past year or so her nipples have become more sensitive.  Scars have healed and diminished.  Just as all surgeries, discomfort has subsided to a pre op normal.  

Positives - She has had 5 years of no longer having back pain.  Her clothes fit great, bikinis no longer need a master knot maker to alleviate numbness in her arms.  She is more comfortable. There is so much more I'm sure but in short she loves the results and would NEVER go back.

Your mileage may very - She had a co-worker undergo the surgery as well based on her experience just a couple months later.  She underwent the same procedures and never lost sensation or sensitivity.  We don't discuss intimate details with her but do know she is happy with the results as well.  

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