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Are you seeking Duvall, Washington swingers personal ads?
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Messages showing that they’ve been read, but you didn’t open them yet  

5/16/2023 10:06
Posted By:  - DUVALL, WA  

Date Posted: 5/16/2023 10:06
<p align="left">Re: I didn&#39;t read it but y&#39;all thought someone did...<br><br>DEVKAY369 and everyone, in case you didn&#39;t realize this... Yahoo, AOL, Apple, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail... all similar big ISPs *read your Email*.&nbsp; That made it impossibly hard for us to determine if you were the reader or if they were. We gave it a good try. <br> <br>They say they parse Emails to build a database of what to advertise to us. However, the NSA is a partner and they say they&#39;re keeping us safe from terrorists and criminals. The US Congress is a partner and they say they&#39;re keeping people younger than 16 safe from sex. In other words, they all say they read Emails for darn good unquestionable valid reasons. I&#39;ll leave that up to you to decide. I am not saying it&#39;s good or bad, just that it is happening and you should be aware of it.<br><br>This site, Email to us (hal9000@lifestylelounge.com for example), all anonymous traffic for our members to or through @llmailbox.com; all that is handled by servers we own and software I maintain (some of it I wrote). We are not in "the cloud." Privacy matters to us, yours and mine. Thanks for listening.<br></p>

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