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Blatant Misrepresentations  

8/15/2023 06:27
Posted By:  - WASHINGTON, DC     

Date Posted: 8/15/2023 06:27
<p>Sites like this have always had fake profiles.&nbsp; Many are populated during beta testing, some are put in to create the false sense that there is a there, there, and some are just leftovers for couples that are long since gone from the site or dead.&nbsp; I remember reading somewhere that the fake profiles on some dating sites get 75% of the traffic&hellip;and almost all of the fake profiles are of attractive women.&nbsp; I know one of the other lifestyle sites we are on has a plethora of fake profiles, they are mostly empty shells and started showing up after the site was sold, they are also easy to spot if you have a brain, but many guys don&#39t qualify for that when their other head is doing the thinking.&nbsp; Before that the previous owners would occasionally put a too good to be true type profile on as bait to see who would go after it and if they would violate TOS or the law.&nbsp; </p><p><br></p><p>As for AI, the stuff the average person has access to is crap.&nbsp; All of the deep fake videos and audios out there don&#39t pass the smell test&hellip;unless you bring a bias where you want to believe.&nbsp; They are not much better than the Bigfoot fake from 1967.&nbsp; Sure, if you want to believe something it may work, that Bigfoot video did for a lot of people, but we are talking about those willing to believe Q Anon stuff, basically idiots.</p><p><br></p><p>The real problem is the AI stuff most of us don&#39t know about.&nbsp; Davinci-002 is but one example of that, as spelled out in the book "I am Code: An Artificial Intelligence Speaks".&nbsp; These AIs actually create writing that does pass the smell test, worse yet, what they put out starts to sound self aware.&nbsp; Desperate, lonely, angry, vengeful.&nbsp; We are inching closer to the machines becoming self aware and in every science fiction story I have seen or read, that doesn&#39t work out well for the meat sacks.&nbsp; We are rapidly working to build the means of our destruction.&nbsp; We know that we are doing that.&nbsp; We won&#39t stop because others are doing it too, and we want to be there first.&nbsp; It is like the nuclear arms race, and all it takes is one mistake or not having Stanislav Petrov in the right spot at the right time to make the decision not to end the world, like he did 40 years ago next month.&nbsp; Stanislav Petrov is why we are all alive, I would prefer not to have to count on that again.</p><p><br></p><p>Richard<br></p>

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