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8/26/2022 09:05
Posted By:  - HOUSTON, TX  

Date Posted: 8/26/2022 09:05

I find this hilarious
now but a few years ago I went to a local swing club here in Houston. I was
with a group of about 10 people. Couples and singles etc. Around 11pm we were
all busy talking etc. All of a sudden, this single female came into the club.
One of the ladies in our group goes over to her and I could hear the
conversation. She says "Hey XXXXXX" I didnt know you were in the
lifestyle. The single female looked embarrassed and said something to the
effect of "Oh I have the wrong club. I didnt know this was a sex club. I
must have gotten the wrong address."  Everyone was like yeah right
lol. You do not accidentally find a swing club, sign in with your ID etc, walk
in and only say you are in the wrong place when someone comes to your area. I
thought that was funny as hell. 


It does remind me of a
time I went to a club where a local couple had invited me to a swinger/vanilla
club. I walked in and saw the group. As I was walking towards them, I saw my coworker’s
wife grinding on one of the couples that I regularly played with. I literally
did a 360 lol. He and his wife never saw me because I felt that was too close
to the vest so to speak. But dam was she grinding hard. 

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