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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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5/3/2023 00:09
Posted By:  - MONROVIA, CA  

Date Posted: 5/3/2023 00:09
<p align="left">Concocting some mildly clever pretense, I find myself accepting an invitation to your home, an innocent Meet &amp; Greet to any unsuspecting observer. All three of us standing in the foyer, I exchange cordial greetings with your husband.&nbsp; But you and I share a friendly-but-inappropriate embrace which grows increasingly awkward due to its duration. Perhaps my wandering hand slides down your back to lightly linger a moment at the curve of your rear end, and you simply smile as if not noticing. Upon our entry into the spacious living room, your hubby politely excuses himself to take care of an errand, or maybe busy himself in some other area of your house. Before departing, however, he implores me to make myself completely at home. His wife, he says, will be a gracious host, fulfilling all of my needs. You ask if there&#39;s anything you can get for me, and, in lieu of refreshments, I ask instead for a "nickel tour" of the place. As we casually make our way around, I engage you in very personal conversation about your marriage. Where was the wedding held? Did you recite traditional wedding vows, or did you write your own as well? Where did you spend your honeymoon? All seemingly innocent, yet far from it.<br><br>We ultimately wind up in your bedroom, and I compliment you on the classy decor, and on all the elegance that I&#39;ve seen in your lovely, well-kept home. Noticing framed photographs of you and your husband neatly arrayed on the large, ornate bureau opposite the king-sized bed, I coax you to describe in detail the images there on display. During these picture explanations, you are delighted by the chance to reflect on your idyllic past. I listen to you go on and on, but-- I&#39;m standing far too close. We can detect one another&#39;s body heat, and loose strands of your blonde hair tickle the side of my cheek. We catch sight of ourselves this way in the arched vanity mirror occupying most of the wide space atop the bureau. Abruptly, I reach up from behind you to gently but firmly cup your right breast. Startled, you gasp, but do not move away. You see and feel my free hand take hold of your left, guiding it to rest on the crotch of my pants. You can feel my erection growing through the material, and your wedding ring glints in the mirror&#39;s reflection, capturing our every move. As my guiding hand retreats behind my back, you continue holding me there of your own volition, your fingers slightly closing around that bulge in my pants. You struggle to carry on with your descriptions of the photographs. This is where we spent our honeymoon, you tell me, in answer to one of my earlier probing questions. That must have been a wonderful trip, I reply. You begin regaling me on the highlights just as I busy my right hand again, deftly opening your blouse to work underneath on that side of your lacy bra. Suddenly, your succulent right breast is liberated, and fully exposed. I employ one finger to delicately trace the all-natural contour of soft flesh, swirling a circle round your areola and its now firmly erect nipple. You are a very attractive woman, I tell you. I envy your husband for his marvelous choice of a bride. It would be so nice to express my much-belated congratulations on your wedding, and do allow me to share with you my warm, extensive good wishes on your happy marriage.&nbsp; Your polite thank you is interrupted.<br><br>Take off all your clothes.<br><br>Flash forward, and we are passionately and unabashedly copulating right there in your marriage bed. French-kissing you with wild abandon as I pin you down in missionary, I squeeze both your ample tits while energetically penetrating your married white pussy with my unsheathed black dick again, and again, and again. Ohhhh, so very nice to meet you, Mrs. Now, open your thighs even wider for me. Show me how much you enjoy this, how it gets you wet as much as it gets me hard, this type of forbidden fuck. It&#39;s that very first time that is always the most exciting, that tingling first merging of our naked genitals. You know this. It&#39;s the stranger-to-stranger connection, sure. But in the cuckold scenario, the thrill is greatly enhanced. A "vanilla" marriage was never this fulfilling, was it? I get you to call out, to summon your husband, and you request that he bring us some water and place it on the nightstand. Thank you, honey, you tell him, an implied dismissal in so many words. But we both wanted him to see us. Indeed, we want him to watch us.&nbsp; Making eye contact with him, I give a shake of my head, and a nod to indicate he should wait for a bit.&nbsp; I&#39;m nearing climax, and I want him to witness it in all its kinky dominating glory.&nbsp; And as a true cuckold, he savors the sight. Yes, fucking the other man&#39;s white wife gives me a natural high, staking my claim on her body as her quaking orgasms absorb my own ejaculating eruption inside her. And absent any risk of pregnancy, the deliberate sharing of copious amounts of my seed within her sparks a euphoria uniquely satisfying in all of this kinky lifestyle, at least for me.<br><br>I spend the night with you as your husband soundly sleeps downstairs on the sofa. We fondle, kiss, and caress each other through the night, spooning tightly when at last we drift off. In the morning, you awaken me with a hungry and sloppy blowjob to summon a fresh erection before riding me in reverse-cowgirl. You choose this position to allow me to feel used, and so that I can also enjoy the visual of your tousled blonde locks, your athletically-toned back, your rhythmically undulating spine and your grinding, corkscrewing hips. It&#39;s also quite obvious you enjoy watching yourself in the mirror as you&#39;re riding another man in your marriage bed, daylight streaming in brightly through the windows, the drapes drawn open. You knowingly reach back to place your hands on your own grinding buttocks, your wedding ring being the intended spotlight for my appraisal and approval. I cede the dominant role to you now. Take your orgasms by force as you will. Do this just as you plan to take more of my spurting ejaculate before I take my leave of you this day.&nbsp; You are a well-used and well-appreciated wife, dutifully sharing herself with a complete stranger, fulfilling his needs like your husband said you would.&nbsp; And you are experiencing a whole-new awakening.<br></p>

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