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Are you seeking Sioux Falls, South Dakota swingers personal ads?
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Random Acts of Kindness  

1/12/2022 07:34
Posted By:  - SIOUX FALLS, SD  

Date Posted: 1/12/2022 07:34

I don't want to talk about what I've done as I hope it was done wholly as an act of charity for another and not to shine a light on me.  Recently, I observed this in my grocery store:

My 8 month pregnant daughter in law couldn't bend over to get a ham from a meat display case and an 80+ year old man who barely could do it, pulled out the 12 lb; ham for her.  On the same trip to the store, when she pushed the very full cart to the checkout line, three people offered to let her go to the front.  When I came up to explain she wasn't alone, one of the men said, "with or without you, she looks like she needs to be off her feet."

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