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A miracle cure for baldness, penis size, height(or lack thereof)......  

6/22/2021 15:27
Posted By:  - SAN RAFAEL, CA  

Date Posted: 6/22/2021 15:27

OK, this is a question for the women on the site. :)

I'm the male half of the couple and I'm curious to hear the thoughts of women on the site.

That means, guys, that your reply/opinion is unwanted and not of interest. (some arrogant idiot(s) will not read this/ignore and respond, no doubt).

We'll soon see who those idiots are!

So, here's a hypothetical and I'd love to hear your thoughts, LL women.

Here goes:

-An announcement is made that a miracle cure is possible for a number of issues that effect humans.

-The "miracle cure" will cost 1 trillion dollars.

-A referendum will be voted on, in the US to determine how(or if), the trillion dollars will be invested.

Voters must choose among the following options.

They can only choose ONE of these options.

Option #1: Spend the trillion dollars on a miracle cure for male baldness, male penis size, male height, male sexual performance, male weight, male athleticism, male intelligence and…..a cure for a lousy male personality.

Men will no longer have to deal with being bald, fat, short, small penis, stupid, lousy in bed, lame personality and can't throw or catch.

Option #2 : Spend the trillion dollars on a miracle cure for ovarian cancer and breast cancer n women.

How will American men vote?

The men will cast their votes behind a privacy curtain.

Give me a percentage?

And, I know, I now, I know your guy is a saint and would vote for #2.

50% option 1 and 50% Option 2?

80% option 1 and 20% Option 2?

0% option 1 and 100% Option 2?

Or, some other ratio?


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