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Forum Category: Sports
Are you seeking Sioux Falls, South Dakota swingers personal ads?
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You cant see me……..  

12/4/2023 09:34
Posted By:  - SIOUX FALLS, SD  

Date Posted: 12/4/2023 09:34
<p>Mr.</p><p>Men like you are part of the problem not only in women sports but embody the typical misogynist seething with false bravado in too many pseudo-men. &nbsp;In case you are wondering, repeating yourself doesn&#39;t make you look more manly. &nbsp;</p><p>Ms. Reese has a national championship ring but she is not on a path to be a success at life, a bad path encouraged by people like you who neither care about her as a person or her future so long as you get what you want in entertainment.</p><p>Everything you&#39;ve repeated ad nauseam makes it clear you see Ms. Reese as nothing more than a female gladiator fed to the lions when she no longer is of value to you. &nbsp;Or do you see her as your "arena slave" (comparable to the house slaves of the past) for whom rape and abuse is in her job description?</p><p>It is beneath every female, athlete or not, to be a female gladiator or arena slave to men. &nbsp;We pray Angel Reese rises above the path she is on and becomes truly great. &nbsp;</p><p>The Coys</p>

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