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Will you take it again?  

9/18/2023 12:33
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  

Date Posted: 9/18/2023 12:33

ICU nurse wife here: I have never commented on these forums, but I feel the need to be dragged out of my hibernation. Call out my profession and I’ll have something to say.

First of all, who called for an ICU Nurse inhere? (LOL) This dude either lost his fucking mind, forgot his meds, got high, has a split personality (or dragged his wife to type this shit into the forum so we get 2 brainwashed immature opinions instead of one.) Oh wait, so perhaps an ICU nurse in supposed to be an expert on pandemics and experimental vaccines. Ahhh..that might be IT. 

Now take a deep breath cause cause I might give you a healthy dose of some real truth here (no pun intended). Regretfully, you are confused once again. You know as much about the vaccines as the McDonald's cashier knows about hamburger meat that goes on a big mac from the brochure that they were given or a gas station attendant knows about the gas they sell. You are in the same FIELD OF WORK but your job description isn't research, developing or analyzing vaccine data or its ingredients. You are supposed to administer vaccines not determine if they are bullshit or not, safe or not safe. It's beyond your qualifications. 

Go back to school, and learn how to read a peer reviewed scientific study, and maybe you could fuck someone’s intelligent wife. If that’s what you’re into

Wooow, just wooooooow. Did you just claim yourself to be intelligent and someone can fuck you if they go back to school? (LOL) Woooow….Leave your ego at the door next time. Truly Intelligent people never ever ever have to claim to be intelligent.  Only weirdos, dumb asses and socially awkward individuals make such statements. 

Ciao Ciao…

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