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Are you seeking Cary, Illinois swingers personal ads?
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How many sex partners have you had in your life? Care to guess?  

7/17/2023 21:20
Posted By:  - CARY, IL  

Date Posted: 7/17/2023 21:20
<p>How does someone really answer this?&nbsp; LS or not.</p><p>Vanilla or the rest of us?&nbsp; Male or female?&nbsp; First date, first encounter, or as a topic for amazement, shock, ridicule &#040;for extremes on either end of the spectrum) pride/bragging/shame?</p><p>I can be honest and say so: over 1000.</p><p>Been at it a looong time, have had lots of fun &#040;mostly), almostly always consentual, etc.</p><p>Not bragging, minimalizing, seeking judgment, etc., just an honest person.</p><p>Do I regret some of them?&nbsp; Sure, but not because of a number.&nbsp; Just because being human leads us to make some poor choices.</p><p>Bring on the&hellip; whatever.</p><p>Lisa</p>

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