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Are you seeking Blythewood, South Carolina swingers personal ads?
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Is the end in sight ?  

5/21/2023 05:26
Posted By:  - BLYTHEWOOD, SC  

Date Posted: 5/21/2023 05:26
<p>I think its important to remember that covid itself hasn&#39t changed that much. Yes, there were minor variations between strains but nothing significant. The only thing that has changed significantly is THE RESPONSE TO covid. Admittedly, no one knew anything about it initially so caution was warranted but after a year or so we DID know and lockdowns and forced vaccinations were still in effect. WHY?</p><p>Here we are 2½ years later and some people are STILL terrified. I point this out because we seem to blindly give passes for ANYTHING by simply citing "covid." The truth is, "covid" didn&#39t kill swinging, covid didn&#39t crash the economy, covid didn&#39t cost you your job, covid didn&#39t allow your tenants to stop paying rent. The HORRIBLE response TO COVID from our "leaders" did those things.</p><p>I know, people died. I was here. But keep in mind that more people die annually from smoking than from covid. We never purposely crashed our economy because people were smoking. Remember that in November.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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